Below you will find links to some of our friends and associates. We encourage you to visit their sites.

The McHenry County Economic Development Corporation

The McHenry County Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit private-public business advocacy group comprised of business and industry investors from throughout the county. Its mission is to encourage and develop the economic health of McHenry County through the retention, expansion and attraction of commerce and industry which is conducive to an optimal quality of life for its citizens.

Momentum Advantage Partners, LLC

MAP is a professional energy services company dedicated to reducing the operating costs of our clients by reducing the prices they pay for utilities, managing down energy consumption and integrating new and innovative energy-related technologies within an overall strategic energy management plan.



Interactive Electronics Design, LLC

Interactive Electronics Design, LLC provides electronic design and product development services along with prototype and small run electronic manufacturing services.  We specialize in custom embedded controls and we have experience in many industries.  We can design a small and cost effective surface mount PCB to network your next product via Ethernet or RS485 and incorporate other technology such as flash upgradeable software and/or mp3 audio.

Crown Molding Shop

Hardwood Moldings – Chair rail, crown, baseboard, and casing in white oak or your choice of hardwoods.